VR Games

During my four years at the HKU, I have experimented a couple of times with VR projects. On this page I'll discribe each project and the lessons I've learned from them.

Each project was made in two weeks, from concept to product/prototype. The team constisting of three to four people. My roles in the project mostly being project lead and game designer. 

Mocap & VR Detective - 2016

Before the Rift was officially released, we wanted to expiriment with motion tracking and VR. At that point there weren't any headsets yet that supported this feature, so we decided to combine our motion capture studio with the DK2. 

This resulted in a game in which you had to explore a murder scene, walking around with a flashlight to look across the room and pick up items to inspect them. The thing I still really like about this project is that the items you could interact with in the room, were also phyiscal items in the studio. Being able to actually hold the items in your hand made the whole experience even more immersive. 

Space Flight - 2017

When the Vive was just released there was a lot of debate about movement in VR. Some preferred the teleportation system, in some you didn't move at all. I was really curious to try something as well, resulting in an experience where you can thrust yourself through space, kind of like Iron Man. There was a lot of playtesting during this project. what would happen if you added rotation at collision, at what point does a player become nauseous, etc. 

Players really ejoyed thrusting through the environment, wanting to see every nook and cranny of the spaceship and how objects interacted. 

Monster Madness - 2017

My most recent project in VR was a return to motion capture, but this time adding mobile VR. You play as a moster, destroying the small island of San Devastino. Walk around, smash buildings and try to dodge enemy helicopters. 

For this project I wanted to expiriment with the size of the player, making them feel huge as they walk along buildings. It was quite a challenge developing for mobile, having to build and export to the device takes a lot more time, which had to be accounted for in the planning.