Explore the world of the dead in Marigold, a game inspired by Mexican folklore and Dia de Los Muertos. A young boy travels across this magical, yet mysterious realm. With the help of his father, who has been turned into a skeletal whip, he tries to get back to the world of the living before sunrise. Use your whip to jump, swing and explore through festive cities in this 3D platformer.

Our usual team size during college projects was four people, but because of the scope and the ambition of the idea we wanted to challenge ourselves. We ended up working with a team of thirteen people in the span of eight weeks. There were quite some challenges, but we learned a lot about working with Scrum, source control and general communication.

My role for the project was being both a designer and creative lead. At the start of the project I worked together with the lead artist, we explored ideas of how the world would work, interesting gameplay mechanics and the story. After that was completed I could focus on game design. I made quests that the player could follow, platforming challenges and the general level design. The process of which is shown above.

This also was the team's first time working in Unreal Engine 4. Which may not have been the best decision at that point, but you learn along the way. It was a great chance to start working in a new engine and learn about the Blueprint system.