Google Backstage

  • Clients: Google, Sherlocked
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Physical

Google Backstage is a project I worked on during my internship at Sherlocked, one of the most well known escape room companies in the Netherlands. We were tasked by Google to design an experience that would make users more aware of their privacy settings.

We came up with a Willy Wonka like experience, letting players explore a fantasy version of the Google factory whilst learning about the real ways Google uses data to enhance the user experience.

My role during the project was to design parts of the different rooms, with the focus on the Google Maps room (as shown above). In which players have to find the right locations on the map, measure the distance between two locations and connect them by a human chain.

I balanced the different tasks, making sure all locations were easy to find and the flow of the gameplay remained fun throughout the entire playtime.

Besides design I also got the opportunity to work on video production and animation, skills I have always had an interest in. 

This is an example of the animations I made for the Backstage experience. These were used to introduce players to the different Google users they were going to help. 

Though the most valuable skill I learned during this project is working with a diverse group of professionals. Everyone brought a different skill to the table, from representatives of Google, interior designers to carpenters, but all working together towards one shared goal.

Click here to watch a full playthrough of Google Backstage