Gloeidraad is an escape room company in the Netherlands. We have created experiences all throughout Europe and are known for our creativity and quality workmanship. My job at the company is game designer and project manager.

Working at Gloeidraad has honed my creative skills, not only being able to come up with unique ideas, but also keeping them within the constraints of scope, budget and timeline.

It is these constraints that I find really intriguing as a designer. It might be a certain brand that wants their core identity represented in an escape room. Figuring out how to translate those elements into exciting puzzles and stories is what I love doing.  

I also work with a lot of different people at my job. From guiding clients that might be unfamiliar with the creative process, to briefing builders that turns those creative ideas into real, physical spaces. Communication is always an important part of the job!

Because of COVID-19, our most recent projects haven’t been released yet. All that I am allowed to showcase for now is our 2021 trailer (edited by me!). This page will be updated once more media becomes available.