Monster Madness VR

Monster Madness was a game made with a small team of four people, in the span of two weeks, though the actual production of the game was about five days. The goal of the seminar was to experiment with motion capture tools and the gear vr.

Our team took a lot of inspiration from games like Rampage, and the classic monster movies of yore. Toying around with the idea of making players very tall and giving them a city to destroy.

The biggest challenge came from getting the play scaling right. Players had to be tall enough to look across the city, but for the buildings to still be in arms reach. This took a lot prototyping and tweaking, which I did together with the programmer for this project.

  • Isadora is used to control the surrounding lights, sounds and ambience.
  • Motion traced gloves are used to control the playable monsters fists in the game.
  • The Second display can be used to see a helicopter which has an overview of the city.

My roles for this project were

  • Team manager
  • Prototyping the gameplay experience
  • Light programming tasks
  • Light art production