I'm currently looking for an intership for 2017-2018! - Game Designer at the University of Arts Utrecht.

Project Name


Project Details

Marigold is a game inspired by Mexican folklore, the biggest example for us being the Day of the Dead. It is a celebration to remember the ones you’ve lost.

To take such a sad subject, but celebrating it in a colorful and almost cheerful way, that strong contrast gave us a lot of ideas to experiment with.

Our team wanted to make a 3D platformer/adventure game, in the style of Psychonauts and the Rayman games. Meaning an interesting world to explore with fun characters and gameplay.

wanted to apply this contrast to our main characters, we already had an idea

  • A collection of proposed gameplay mechanics
  • Images of the level design process
  • The build up of the level - from blockout to final
Three Columns