For this project, the Holland Open Air Museum approached our university, hoping to add new experiences to their museum. One of the subjects they wished to expand upon was the history of child labor in the Netherlands.

In Kindustrie, a group of players create a family that they have to manage. Deciding if they should go to work or school, how they spend their money and react to certain events – which affects the mood of the family.

During the game – players follow a route through the museum park. They visit important locations that tell the story of Dutch child labor.

Doing this allowed us to take the strongest assets of the museum, and combine them with a strong user experience through the app. Ending up as a complete package for the user.

Early on in the design process, we decided that the game had to be about making tough choices. An example is, buying medicine for your sick child, or making sure the rest of your family has enough to eat.

This reflects the hard choices families had to make during the industrial revolution, and it allows players to learn about the period by experiencing it themselves.

My roles for this project were

  • Designing the original concept
  • Creating in-game events
  • Balancing the family management system