ChitChat is a game about gathering and misusing personal information. We wanted to show the risks of putting your personal information on the internet.

During the game, a girl (Cutie) strikes up a conversation with the player, via the in-game chat. She asks you to check on her location via gps, because she think she’s being stalked.

This is the first step that leads the player down a path of spying and breaching of online privacy. They end up reading through her social media profiles,  browser history and even medical files.

The real twist of the game happens when player finishes. The digital game ends, at that moment someone hands them a physical document full of their own personal information.

Throughout the game (the person who acts as Cutie) tries to gather as much information about the player as possible. Not only from the conversation they just had, but also their online profiles, websites, etc.

During our showcase of the game, this moment had a really strong impact on some players. Being surprised that we were able to learn so much about them, even their home addresses and private phone numbers with some playthroughs.

My roles for this project were

  • Team manager
  • Creating the original concept
  • Designing the events the player takes through the story